Create. Explore. Curate.

Courtyard Series is a platform for experimentation meant to create, explore and curate simple, crafted everyday objects that celebrate spontaneous beauty & artisanship with great attention to detail.

Beauty with a purpose.

With a great attention to detail and we strive to offer a fresh point of view while encouraging people to absorb the beauty of everyday objects as they move through the world.

Connecting time-honored traditions to present life.

The project sets out to tie in tradition with modern-day function with great attention to detail, upheld in close collaboration with local artisans and responsible material sourcing.

Individual yet connected.

Founded by Iris & Andrea, Milan based creatives united by a shared vision of ever-evolving aesthetics, utility and emotion that a simple object can engender.

Iris Roth is a ceramic artist and interior designer based in Milan, with projects between Italy and Athens. With a degree in Art History from Goldsmiths’ College in London, her ceramic pieces and designed spaces are created to be both beautiful and practical.

Andrea Vasquez Medina is an Architect & Art Director,
born in Venezuela and now based in Milan. Her
experience in built space and luxury design revolves
around the desire to create meaningful connections
between communication, aesthetics and its publics.