A selection of standalone objects and design compilations featuring modern-day column & totems. Varying in height from 40-90 cm, the ceramic-based columns can be compiled and glazed according to custom orders, to function as free standing features or legs of tables, seating objects or displays.

  • A.01

    Handmade ceramic totem 1.350
  • A.02

    Handmade ceramic totem 1.350
  • A.03

    Handmade ceramic totem 1.500
  • A.04

    Handmade ceramic totem 950
  • Atene

    Handmade table 5.200
  • Babila

    Handmade coffee table 2.900
  • Cosimo

    Handmade table 3.700
  • Delphi

    Handmade bench